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The Rise of Americana!

Jason Isbell, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams and Dave Alvin! What do they have in common? They are all known Americana singers. This American music genre developed during the 1990s as a roots-oriented reaction to the slick commercial sounds that dominated mainstream country during the decade. The term Americana has been traditionally used as a catchall […]

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One guitar, one voice

Looking for a beautiful fusion of blues, old country and a touch Americana? Well, you should definitely listen to Brooks Williams, from Statesboro, Georgia USA. Williams repertoire goes from classic roots and blues amazing covers. During the last 25 years, he performed in the US, UK and Europe. Folk-blues guitarist and singer, Brooks Williams is […]

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Backroad Song

Granger Smith is one of the most promising country’s music young singer. He’s been a underground star for over a decade, wracking up seven independent albums and millions of YouTube views (with his comedic alter-ego named Earl Dibbles Jr.). The Dallas native moved to Nashville at age 19 after signing a song publishing contract with […]

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The Longing Kind

Maz O’Connor is one of the most exciting young voices in British folk, and is quickly establishing herself as a bold and compelling songwriter. Her new album The Longing Kind explores the tensions and conflicts of a young woman living in London, yearning for an undefined elsewhere. Her songs turn intimate and true tales into poignant […]

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The intensity of Laura Snowden

English guitarist Laura Snowden performs her composition, Anpao, in the crypt at St John’s Smith Square. She is one of the outstanding musicians of her generation: guitarist, arranger, composer, and a founding member of the folk. I like here the intensity of the music and vocal part too, very effective, especially with the choice of […]

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