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Morpheus #1 Guitar

Neal Moser Guitars

Morpheus #1 Guitar

Handmade left handing guitar realized by Neal Moser Guitars, a luthier based in Prescott Valley, Arizona Usa. Morpheus #1 Owner: Jason Domela The Morpheus...

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Baranik CX Guitar

Baranik Guitars

Baranik CX Guitar

Handmade guitar realized by Mike Baranik, a luthier based in Templeton California Usa CX Specs 15 1/4" lower bout 4 1/4" depth 36' top radius 12' back ...

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Flat back lute

Silvershell Musical Instruments

Flat back lute

Reminiscent of the instrument minstrels carried with them in the Middle Ages and earlier, this simpler version captures essence of this historic instrument at a...

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Cello Goffriller

Lawrence Wilke Luthier

Cello Goffriller model

Hancrafted Cello made by Lawrence Wilke, luthier in Clinton Connecticut. This is a model of Janos Starker's Matteo Goffriller cello. I had the privilege of exam...

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Pederson Bass Guitar

Pederson Custom Guitars

Pederson Bass Guitar

This bass has a five piece neck lamination of walnut and maple and has neck through construction. The inlays are custom request by the customer. This bass had a...

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Faststar Bass

Neal Moser Guitars

Faststar Bass

Handmade bass guitar realized by Neal Moser Guitars, a luthier based in Prescott Valley, Arizona Usa. Faststar Bass #1 Owner: Alex Dresser The Faststar ca...

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Concert Model Guitar

Hoffman Guitars

Concert Model Guitar

Concert Model classical guitar made by Hoffman Guitars, luthier in Minneapolis Minnesota. The body is based on classic guitar lines and curves, which gives it a...

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Irish style harp

Another Era Lutherie

Irish Style Harp

Inspired by a style of harp developed in Ireland in the early 19th century, the Irish Style Harp has the rounded back and lower string tension typical of these ...

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Scimitar #1 Guitar

Neal Moser Guitars

Scimitar #1 Guitar

Scimitar #1 - Owner: Philip Rous Handmade guitar realized by Neal Moser Guitars, a luthier based in Prescott Valley, Arizona Usa. I call this guitar "Koa Madn...

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C. Dungey cello

C. Dungey Cello maker

Christopher Dungey cello

Handcrafted acoustic cello made by Christopher Dungey, a luthier based in Pocatello, Idaho. Christopher Dungey is a violin maker specializing in the new making...

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Mandolin F-Style

Andersen Stringed Instruments

Mandolin F-Style

 Handcrafted mandolin made by Andersen Stringed Instruments, a luthier based in Seattle, Washington. This is an interpretation of the classic Gibson F-5 mandoli...

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R. J. DiCarlo Guitars

Classical 8 String/Extended

Handcrafted Classical 8 String/Extended fngbrd. Sndbd; Sitka Spruce Back & Ribs; Ambrosia Maple Neck; Honduran Mahogany Fngrbd; Bois De Rose-6 strings...

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