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About Luthier in Queensland Australia: Hancock Guitars


Hancock custom archtop guitars are built by brothers Dane and Sean and father Kim in the Hancock family workshop atop beautiful Tamborine Mountain, in Australia's Gold Coast hinterland.
Each instrument is completely handmade by us from start to finish. About 200 hours is spent constructing each guitar. This amount of labour means we produce only a very limited number of guitars, but also results in instruments with close to perfect workmanship, a look of genuine quality craftsmanship and a magnificent sound that only comes from a handcrafted archtop guitar.
Only the finest quality, hand-picked materials are used in a Hancock archtop guitar. Each component is made to exacting specifications and then tuned to suit the piece of timber it is made from. This gives the assembled instrument the optimum sound and the most beautiful look possible.
We have studied the instruments of the master archtop builders John D'Angelico and James D'Aquisto and drawn much inspiration from their designs, while also incorporating our own ideas into the design of his guitars, both in aesthetics and tone.
We make five standard models. These range from The Jazz Electric, an archtop with a genuine amplified jazz guitar sound but with no feedback to our flagship The Adelaide, a stunning instrument built from the finest materials available with intricate inlay and appointments. We offer a range of options so that customers can order an instrument that is perfect for them and their style of playing.
Because we build our guitars without the use of duplicating machines, CNC made parts and out of shop ready produced parts, there is very little extra labour or expense for us in building custom one off instruments, enabling a customer to order a reproduction of an instrument for a fraction of the cost of the original, or designing a guitar to your exact requirements for the same cost as our standard models.
Our archtop guitars are excellent value, with prices at about 50% of similar American made guitars of equal quality. Customers have the option of either purchasing a ready made instrument, or ordering a custom instrument.

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Hobart archtop guitar

Hancock guitars

Hobart archtop guitar

Luthier handmade archtop guitar made by Hancock Guitars, a luthier based in Mount Tamborine, Queensland Australia. Model Hobart Body Width 17" Body Len...

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Adelaide archtop guitar

Hancock guitars

Adelaide archtop guitar

Luthier handcrafted archtop guitar made by Hancock Guitars, a luthier based in Mount Tamborine, Queensland Australia. Model Adelaide Body Width 17" B...

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