Hinkler 3 String Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit (EBB)

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Anyone can be a smooth and sophisticated blues guitar player with The Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar kit!
Discovering how to play the blues box guitar is easy and simple with professional musician Nick Bryant’s simple methods. This complete kit contains everything you need to become a blues guitar aficionado instantly: a history of the cigar box guitar, info about the parts of the blues box guitar and how to tune it, exercises and play-along tracks that will help you strum with ease!

Blues legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lightning’ Hop kinds and Carl Perkins bean their music careers playing cigar box guitars!
Over the last decade, there has be a resurgence and renewed interest in all things homemade, and a groundswell in cigar box instruments is well underway.
CD contains over 20 tracks!
There are hundreds of YouTube clips dedicated to playing the cigar box guitar
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous