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The Longing Kind

Maz O’Connor is one of the most exciting young voices in British folk, and is quickly establishing herself as a bold and compelling songwriter. Her new album The Longing Kind explores the tensions and conflicts of a young woman living in London, yearning for an undefined elsewhere. Her songs turn intimate and true tales into poignant examinations of our relationship to others, to home and the notion of identity. Having studied at the same Cambridge college as author Nick Hornby and Alexis Taylor from the band Hot Chip, one wonders if a combination of her working class background (she grew up in Barrow-in-Furness, the blue-collar capital of England) and a literary education is what gives her music its distinctive character.
The Longing Kind is her first album of entirely original material, having temporarily put aside the traditional ballads that featured on her acclaimed previous album This Willowed Light.  These songs are unflinchingly personal and resolutely youthful.  Charmingly seductive, Maz O’Connor channels the ancient and the modern in synchronicity. The Longing Kind is definitely a must-listen album…

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